Earthly Child

Make peace with the night as you have the day my earthly child Allow the tenderness of the thickened breeze to tame you as you have the oceans of wild See past the browning falling leaves to the budding of hopefulness along the trees waining body Never have you been alone, the Sun dawned with … Continue reading Earthly Child


They are unbelievably fascinating don’t you think? I’ve been having some rather wacky dreams of late. Mostly they involve people from my past, people in my present that I have a past with also. I’ve never really delved into any studies of dreams but I did have a book some ten years ago that claimed … Continue reading Dreams.


I woke up this morning with a feeling of self doubt. A lump in my throat for the 6th day in a row. I checked in with my physical self. I looked around at my environment and it’s surroundings. Change. I see change everywhere. In every blink, every inhale, every exhale. Change in my life … Continue reading Authenticity

The Good Person

Over time. We have adopted many ideas about being a good person. As far back as we can go with the many cultures and ways of the human we can see throughout all of our history, there are threads woven in our timeline of the different ideologies about being a good person. In amongst the … Continue reading The Good Person

Wolf She

I shall dance around the fire until the new day is light, I shall move like it’s flames and extract the Devine and the Delight, I shall sing my sweet song on this soul bearing night,I shall whisper my intention as I prepare for the flight, As I resurrect from the bones of my merciless … Continue reading Wolf She


To see a beauty unfold right before your eyes To be witness to another’s joy I have been the witness Witness to the birth of a baby boy, my own baby boy ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I was there in that moment with me, feeling my way through his birth … Continue reading Witness

I Sit.

Last nights creative writing workshop prompt was, I Sit. I sit on the same ageing wooden bench in the town square every day at 12.10pm. The bench is marked with the name Fred. In loving memory of Fred. I often wonder who this Fred was. What his favourite flavour crisps were, did he have a … Continue reading I Sit.


It’s mental health awareness week. There’s no escaping it, not unless you live off the grid. My socials are a wash with inspirational stories. Shared experiences. Bravery. I’ve avoided really delving too much into sharing. Not because I am not brave enough. I am. I am totally open I mean, you saw my Crapgate post … Continue reading Rain.