Living With Quirks

It’s World Autism Day. A day that represents awareness and acceptance. There is continually a wave of awareness around autism. Every day much more about autism is being seen. As the mother of an autistic person, it is so humbling to see. I love that there are days in honour of Autism, charity events, support … Continue reading Living With Quirks

TV Is Shite.

Anyone else just completely over Netflix and chill? I am. Gone are my days of rushing to get the kids fed and in bed before enjoying an episode of Eastie’s. Every week night was precisely mapped out to fit in my weekly soap drama addiction. Hey, it gave me routine! It also gave me something … Continue reading TV Is Shite.

About a Blog

Just write. So. I have taken the plunge into the abyss. The world of writing. Blogging. Over the years I have attempted to blog, write and scramble all of my thoughts into words however they come out. I have failed miserably to achieve a steady stream of sticking to it. I procrastinate; I have heard … Continue reading About a Blog

365 Days later

Just so you know, it is perfectly ok to not have learned a damn thing. There is an abundance of new mindsets popping up all over the show, talking about all the new opportunities that this life thieving bastard of a pandemic has presented. Truth be told, I myself have had the same mindset at … Continue reading 365 Days later